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ESplan JBn P1 3D Printing Systems


The optimal 3D printing for various tasks from industry, laboratory, model making, science and education.

As a special feature, ESplan GmbH offers a bundle in sales, which begins with the consultation and subsequently consists of hardware, software, training and, importantly, support.

ESplan JBn P1 3D Printing Systems Bundle consisting of: (bundle-price on request)

  Hardware:    JBn P1 3D Printing System in the FDM Process
  Case:           JBn Printer Box
  Software:     Espace 3D Rapid (3D CAD)
  Seminar:      "Easy to construct and print" - 1 day
  Support:       6 months incl. Printer parameter sets


Software: Espace® 3D Rapid

The software platform is Espace® 3D Rapid, a development based on Espace® Basic that allows you to create a 3D model or load, edit, waterproof, repair, and seamless transition via STL, 3DS To a slicer with subsequent 3D printing.


Espace® 3D Rapid Functions:

  3D CAD  -  Full 3D CAD (self-developed over 30 years of experience) 
  Object positioning of 3D symbols, macros, models 
  3D dimensioned character functions, Boolean functions, editing 
  3D grid and jump freely adjustable and switchable 
  Model catalog with administration and macro creation with administration 
  3D feature tree management 
  High-resolution screenshots, photos of the scene, model print in the drawing frame 
  Large model memory management 64bit 
  Interfaces STL, 3DS
  Mesh repair
  3D Direct-Printing



Espace® 3D Rapid min. System Requirements:

   Operating systems:             Windows Vista, 7/8/10, (32/64 Bit)
   Hardware:                           Commercially available PC, Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor
                                                  min. 8 GB random access memory (RAM)
                                                  > 15 GB Hard disk at installation
                                                  > 500 GB Working hard disk
   Processor:                           Intel® Core™ i5 or compatible / 2,6 GHz or higher
   Graphic cart:                       we recommend a 3D graphics card from the NVIDIA Quadro series


Seminar: “Easy to design and print

In order to achieve rapid and economic benefits with Espace® 3D Rapid , we recommend you take part in the one-day training course in Langenfeld. Use our experience in training and work out your knowledge efficiently and quickly together with us. All participants receive a certificate of participation.  

  1 day seminar (basic instruction))
  3D-CAD Espace® 3D Rapid
  Equipment technology and Software Splicer


Support: 6 Months

The support has a special added value for you. With this support, you are securing a cost-effective start-up point for the topic of 3D printing.

  Support/Hotline Service per Phone or E-Mail
  Parameter sets for small, medium and large 3D CAD models
  Model support (by arrangement and effort)


3D Drucker JBn P1 Printer & Printer Box

Technische Daten zum 3D Drucker JBn P1 Printer:

Drucktechnologie:                         Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Filament-Typ:                                PLA, ABS, PVA…
Filament Durchmesser:                1.75mm
Anzahl Druckköpfe:                      1 (auf Anfrage Dualnozzle)
Betttemperatur:                             50 ° C  bis  120 ° C
Extruder Temperatur:                   160 ° C  bis  250 ° C
Filament Fan:                               Layergesteuert/PWM geregelt
Layer-Auflösung:                          0.05 mm  bis  0.4 mm
Düsendurchmesser:                     0,4 mm, optional 0.5mm, 0.3 mm
Konnektivität:                                USB, SD-Karte (unterstützt Stand-Alone-Druck)
Dateiformat:                                  STL, G-Code
Betriebssystem:                            Windows 8 -10
Software Slicer:                            CuraEngine, Slic3R u.A.(open cource)
Aussenmaße (B/T/H):                  490 * 480 * 410 mm
Gewicht:                                       14kg

High - Ligth's:
Druckraum (B/T/H):                      300 * 200 * 220mm
Schnelleinstieg:                            Schnellstart mit Hilfe von Druckerparameter Profilen
Portal:                                           gefräst aus 8 mm Aluminium schwarz eloxiert
Bed-Chassis:                                gefräst aus 6 mm Aluminium schwarz eloxiert
Hotbed:                                         Aluminium Hotbed, Schutz- und Haftungstape, Kontaktprimer
Info-Anzeige / Bedieninterface:    LCD-Display + Gehäuse (inkl. SD-Karten Port)
Sensor:                                         Autobed Leveling induktiv
Z-Motor:                                        Direktsteuerung der Trapezspindel (ohne Kupplungen)
Spindel / Wellen:                           8 mm Trapezspindel und 8mm Wellen,
Steuereinheit:                                Elektronikbox mit Lüfter für den Dauerbetrieb
Netzteil:                                         inkl. Netzbuchse, Powerswitch und Lüfter


Technische Daten zur JBn Printer Box:

Ausführung:                                    Acryl-Glas Scheiben 3mm (20% transparent)
                                                       PLA Verbindungselemente
                                                       eloxierte Alu-Rundrohre
                                                       Decken- und Bodenplatte schwarz lackiertz

Front-Tür:                                      transparente Acryl-Glas Scheibe mit Magnetverschluss 5mm
max. Maße:                                   740 * 750 * 635mm (incl. Filament Rollen)
Gewicht:                                        12kg

High - Light's:                               Perfekte Druckergebnisse durch thermische Konstans
                                                       Geräuschdämpfung auch im Schnelldruck
                                                       Mehrfach Filament-Halter (max. 4 Rollen)
                                                       komfortable Transportmöglichkeit
                                                       optimaler, großräumiger Arbeits- und Servicezugang zum Bett und Chassis
                                                       Optimale Innenraum Ausleuchtung
                                                       Lüftungsregelung über Drehpotentiometer
                                                       Netzschalter / Power-Switch


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