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PAD – Process Automation Designer

With ESplan´s PAD solution, you can opt for number 1 in product configuration and automated electrical design. This gives you a cost-effective and flexible automation solution for creating your circuit diagrams. The Process Automation Designer (PAD) provides a graphical user interface for fast and intuitive use.


IDE – interdisciplinary engineering

With the interdisciplinary engineering CAx solution from ESplan we offer a holistic and media-free planning in the trades process engineering, electrical, fluid and mechatronics. Seamless planning on a common data basis is possible up to 3D switch cabinet buildup including routing and 3D machine wiring for production data generation and Validation.


CAE – best in class electrical engineering

Our Software for electrical planning offers a circuit diagram generation without evaluation and generation runs through real-time functions. Thes fast and easy creation of complex component symbols (PLC, FU, …) enables ESplan® to be implemented by using symbol generators and extensive CAD functions. The throughput times in the electrocostructure are thereby reduced by 50% and more.


StartUp! – the easy way to change

System change in record time! Higlhly efficient and scalable resource creation as well as effective import tools to integrate an existing flowchart accelerate the migration. Thanks to an intuitive user intrface, which is very close to electrical engineering in ist processes and workflows, you will be productive after a very short training Phase.


 Discover the number 1 for automation and product configuration

New in Release 15.12 – DXF/DWG to ESplan Symbol

Quick automated creation of ESplan® symbols out of DWG/DXF files! For fast usage of these graphics as applicatable, intelligent schematic symbol in ESplan® CAE we have developed the module “DWG/DXF to ESplan Symbol“. (Available as module) You need a complex logical ESplan® schematic symbol, which is available as DWG or DXF file? You can load…

Innovation to be launched in June 2020

Espace 3D control cabinet editor The automated process for control cabinet assembly and manufacturing Easy to use for any professional thanks to fully menu-supported interactive modelling functions. Simulative mounting panel assembly and routing. Freely scalable mounting accessories. Semi- and fully automatic device assembly with labeling. Automatic logscript generation using LUA. Export of all manufacturing data…

*** NEW *** Harness E

Cable assembly data + harness design directly from the wiring diagram with module ESplan "Harness E" For the schematic-assisted generation of the production data of cable routes with corresponding mechanical tree structures, ESplan now offers the Module Harness E, which was developed in close cooperation with experts.

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