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We have been developing application software for CAD and CAE for over 30 years. The focus is on intuitive, practical and fast application software, which supports the daily work process optimally and quickliy. A special point in electrical engineering ist he perfect support of extensive CAD functionalities in the ESplan®  2D Shematic area as well as the Espace® 3D Modeller area. To round off our product portfolio, we offer 3D printing in the FDM printing process. ESplan GmbH developed and optimized „customized“ 3D printing systems. Use our bundle of software, seminar, support, JBn 220 Printer & JBn Printer Box for an optimal print result…



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The subject of automation is more than ever in the focus of our time and is becoming more and more important – also in the CEA area. The competitiveness and innovation capacity of enterprises plays a central role in industrial value chains. Specialized and individual customer requirements fort he products under current conditions of production as well as the role of people in value-added processes are current challenges.

We took these challenges into consideration very early on in the basics and conceptual design of ESplan® 1986 & Espace® 2006. In our products ESplan®Espace® the innovation, the idea of Industrie 4.0 has already been realized. The value added starts with our products ESplan®Espace® already in the planning stage. Use this innovation and set the foundation for your success through media-free planning, production data acquisition and documentation with ESplan® & Espace®.

The integration of production is once again the focus of interest, especially under new technical requirements of innovative interdisciplinary technologies. In addition, the intelligence of the system solutions is becoming more and more important in order to manage media-free processes. Intelligent technical systems play a central role in the entire technical development for the design of product and process innovations. The basic prerequisites for networking the systems are continuous information flows without media breaks across all levels of automated production. The trend towards increased networking of intelligent engineering software and production technologies is expressed with the term “industry 4.0″.

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