ESplan® SDK R2 – Software Developer Kit

Using ESplan® Software Developer Kit [SDK] R2 to tailor-made automation solutions for electrical engineering.

Your customers now expect individual products to meet the conditions of standard products. Companies that want to remain competitive and consolidate their market position must meet these requirements and offer the customer a variety of variants combined with a high level of quality and service while respecting the price level. Support for the variety of variants in the planning and production processes offer configuration systems with intelligent circuit diagram parameters. The goal is to create a configuration system / product configurator with ESplan® SDK R2 to master product diversity and increase efficiency.

For the automated creation of documentation (auto circuit diagram generation), ESplan GmbH optionally offers an interpreter for ESplan® 90Pro. The use of the ESplan® Logscript SDR2 R2 offers software developers the perfect toolkit for the independent realization of a circuit diagram generator or the use of conventional product configurators.

With the ESplan® Logscript SDK R2 we provide you with a command set or a language, which allows you to automate manual expenses of a configuration or planning up to the maximum level. Circuit diagram generators and / or product configurators can be implemented in external or proprietary development. This requires an ESplan® Logscript SDK R2, which allows you to obtain a command overview as well as their application.


ESplan® SDK Highlights:

  Logscript Interpreter                   =   A prerequisite for the close cooperation between programming software and ESplan®
  LUA Interpreter                           =   Source code import, analysis and execution of the LUA programming language
  Prozess Automation Designer    =   Support and expansion of the PAD in the ESplan® 90Pro circuit diagram generator
  Independence                             =   Customer is not dependent on the manufacturer

ESplan® SDK Application area:

Development of own product configurators, circuit diagramer or plug-in for ESplan®.


Sample project of a product configurator:



ESplan® SDK R2 in Detail:

The software ESplan® SDK R2 allows the detailed generation of projects based on ESplan® 90Pro symbols, macros and commands. Our intelligent parametric macros reduce the number of necessary macrovarians. This is done using an Excel-based macro description file, which describes the macro as well as important parameters that are to be controlled variably via a circuit diagram generator or a product configurator..

The macrolade process via ESplan® SDK R2 commands allows parameter-controlled linking of modules in a cross-page sequence. Among other things, the merging of cables, contacts, demolition marks, potentials and the linking of PLC / PLC nut assemblies with daughter objects, as well as the placing of clamps on strips can be achieved in a targeted manner. With this technology, intelligent links that ultimately include a functional electroplaneration can be achieved between the various function macros on different pages, so that in many cases an autogenerated project has been generated automatically without any postprocessing with ESplan® 90Pro and ESplan® SDK R2. ESDP® SDK R2 provides programmers with electrical engineering knowledge with a very easy-to-use language that allows simple and intelligent implementation of complex processes, such as those prevalent in CAE systems such as ESplan® 90Pro.


ESplan® System informations

ESplan® System features:

  Multithread technology (parallel processes in real-time) 
  Operating mode with mouse, menu, keyboard 
  Networkable under Windows Server 2003 and 2008 
  Single or multiple screen solution 
  Object-oriented programming and architecture 
  Performance-based file and database management 
  Windows Standard Database connection to all ADO / ODBC-capable DBs 
  Available in German and English

ESplan® System requirements:

  Operating system:     Windows Vista, 7/8/10, (32/64 Bit)
  Hardware:                  Commercially available PC
                                        Screen,  mouse, keyboard                       
                                        at least 2 GB of memory
                                        > 2.6 GB hard disk at installation
                                        > 500 GB hard disk
  Processor:                 from Pentium IV / 2.6 GHz or compatible

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