Espace® Professional – CAx 3D Modeller


Espace® Pro is a 3D modeller for switchboard assembly and routing, which functionally represents the tasks of the mechatronics engineer and professional.

This means, in detail, that the results from the mechanics (field) and the E-technology (cabinet) are combined in a 3D model. Our Espace® Pro solution is based on the results and results of our software solution ESplan® 90Pro current flow planning and documentation. This allows you to carry out automated cabinet assembly. With this virtual prototyping technique you are able to validate various hardware and line scenarios. The aim is to optimize your production quality by automating the production data.


Espace® Highlights:

  Con. cabinet validation        =   control cabinet assembly and wiring based on the circuit diagram
  Wire and cable routing        =   Equipment / Machine cabling
  Production data                   =   Determination and export of drilling data and cable data
  Hardware-oriented              =   one-wire cable Connections
  Multiverwiring                      =   complicated wiring of multiple wire Connections
  BMK-Controller                   =   complete monitoring of the inst. situation – Hardware and Lines
  3D CAD Modeller                =   creation and modification functions adapted tot he requirements of electrical engineering


Espace® Einsatzbereich:

Espace® Pro ist ein 3D Mechatronik Modeller. Seine Funktionalität deckt die virtuelle Planung von Schaltschränken, Apparaten und Maschinen, insbesondere deren elektromechanische Konfektionierung und Verkabelung mit Routing ab. Dabei wird das 3D M-CAD Modell in Espace® Pro importiert und aus elektromechanischer Sicht vervollständigt (Geräte / Zubehör / Bestückung, Leitung / Routing / Fertigungsdaten). In effizienter Form stehen dem Anwender Validierungen und reale Fertigungsdaten zur Verfügung. Espace® Pro arbeitet standardmäßig auf der gemeinsamen elektrotechnischen Datenbasis von ESplan® 90Pro.

ESplan® 90Pro bietet die optimalsten Bedingungen im Zusammenspiel mit Espace® Pro, so dass die Grundlage des Schaltplans mit seinen Geräte und Verbindungsdaten ohne jegliche Daten-Nachbearbeitung direkt durch Espace® Pro verarbeitet werden kann. Ziel ist es, Fertigungs-Risiken frühzeitig zu erkennen und Ihren Fertigungsprozess deutlich zu automatisieren.


Espace® Range of functions:

  3D CAD Functions 
  CAE Functions 
  CAE Production data evaluations / lists 
  Modern user interface / window technology


Espace® CAE Functions: Creation / Design / Engineering:

  Switch cabinet router 
  Cable routing router 
  Lead Designer 
  Control cabinet wiring
  Plant machine cabling 
  3D Street Network Routing (Street Mesh Routing)
  Fill level controlling, collision check, restricted areas 
  3D cable routing Cross-section / color-controlled
  Routemesh Debugger 
  3D cross-section dependent line / smoothing function 
  Manual line processing with calculation 
  Free-handed conductors, tube, hose, enveloping body with calculation of the length 
  BMK Controller is the control center for in- / expansion and routing
  Fully and semi-automatic layout system Plandaten supported and monitored 
  3D cable and cable smoothing function 
  3D List Export
  3D parts list and step list
  3D BUS technology 
  Support rails, cable ducts, mounting plate, holder, accessories 
  Dimensions of article number
  Verlegewegdarstellung mit Datenangabe 
  Layout with data 
  Wire data export
  Cable data export
  Drilling data export
  Hose and pipe data export
  Router & controller import interface - systemneutral import format (device and connection data)  
  Specialization of bars (allocation of accessories)
  Material database (wire end ferrules, lengths, ordering data, etc.)

Espace® Systeminformationen

Espace® System features:

  Multi-core processor support 
  Multithread technology (parallel processes in real-time)
  Operating mode with mouse, menu, keyboard
  Networkable under Windows Server 2003 and 2008 
  Single or multiple screen solution 
  Object-oriented programming and architecture
  Performance-based file and database management
  Windows Standard Database connection to all ADO / ODBC-capable DBs 
  Available in German and English


Espace® System requirements:

  Operating System:        Windows Vista, 7/8/10, (32/64 Bit)
  Hardware:                     Commercially available PC, mouse, keyboard and Screen
                         at least. 8 GB of memory
                         > 15 GB hard disk during installation
                         > 500 GB working hard disk
  Processor:                     from Intel® Core™ i5 or compatible / 2,6 GHz or higher
  Graphics Card:             we recommend a 3D graphics card from the NVIDIA Quadro series 


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