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ESplan® IDE – Interdisciplinary Engineering

With Engineering Desktop [EED] – Interdisciplinary engineering in a new dimension – Parallelized workflows in the construction sector, in the process and manufacturing industry.

With the ESplan® Engineering Desktop software, the CAx solution for process engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and mechanical 3D engineering is available for the first time in the design area of the process and finished industry. The use of a common data base allows cross-departmental interdisciplinary engineering in a parallel workflow. This includes process engineering and goes beyond R & I, P & ID, electrical engineering and fluid, switch cabinet planning, 3D cable laying, to spatial engineering on the 3D CAD model from mechanical design. ESplan® Engineering Desktop provides a holistic, end-to-end configuration and ensures maximum data consistency from process engineering to mechatronics. For the first time, it combines electrical engineering and mechanics 3D engineering into a virtual, mechatronic model. This means that production data is generated in the near future and thus fulfills the requirements for shorter innovation cycles for machine, plant engineering, automation technology and automotive.

Through the implementation of ESplan® Engineering Desktop, you achieve a continuous optimization of the development and production processes, with considerable time savings or cost reduction of the product creation process. In this process, resources from all engineering disciplines are accessed, among other things, to provide the data for determining the manufacturing costs. The integration into existing IT landscapes such as: PPS, ERP, PLM / PDM takes place with a seamless integration through standard interfaces. ESplan® Engineering Desktop uses state-of-the-art software technologies such as the MultiThread and multicode processors to update database entries in real-time. The otherwise usual generation runs of the entire project are not required. Thanks to the integrated PassOver technology, the user has direct access to stored data of an object. Intelligent usermanagement prevents unintentional changes of the data by individual trade union areas. ESplan® Engineering Desktop has a modular design and can be expanded with increasing requirements. The platform system for the planning and documentation of machines and systems is the proven and correspondingly modified CAx System ESplan®.

ESplan® expands the classic, object-oriented, graphical plan type through the additional object-oriented database-supported plan type. In order to optimize the day-to-day work process or to ensure maximum performance and comfort, ESplan® is not only a CAE but also a CAD program. With extensive CAD functionalities, ESplan® offers tools to generate specific resources in the shortest possible time during project processing. The intelligent CAE objects in ESplan® allow inheritance when copying symbols, macros, entire pages, or projects. Automatic cross-references and test routines ensure the logical contexts of the control processes. Cross-project and cross-project planning provides information on the use of components or devices at any time, and allows immediate page switching to linked pages of the planning and forms. All engineering disciplines in ESplan® are divided into sections (E, M, SL, BL, R & I, P & ID, FLU, 3D) within a holistic project.

The fundamental basis in ESplan® is the new multi-views master object NVG (New Distributed Device). The NVG embodies a master object with type-dependent, scalable database tables for recording any specification data of any device in the relevant departments. In addition, it includes an area-controlled multi-view concept for the symbolic mapping in plans of different trade union areas of a holistic project. The cross-project navigation in the ESplan® provides information about the use of the components at any time and allows the immediate page change to connected pages of the planning and forms. Integral component of ESplan® is the process designer. It allows the planning and creation of complex plant structures, while the work with several sections or trades as well as with complex function modules is 100% supported. This process designer is designed in such a way that an operation can be carried out even without ESplan® editor skills. This is followed by the automatic generation of entire projects from intelligent macrovarians with their template storage. The optional ESplan® module is available for the complete mechatronic handling of such holistic projects. With ESplan®, a 3D mechatronic modeller with native interfaces to all major 3D mechanics CAD systems, machine and plant cabling, cabinet assembly and routing are automated.

Espace® combines the work steps of the electrical and mechanical design with a common data management. Connections and connections existing in the circuit diagram are intelligently and data-consistent in the mechatronic 3D model. Both graphical and database changes are inherited in real-time in the Espace® software product. Multiple distributed, similar component objects e.g. In the P & ID, switching and fluid plan can be changed directly at any point in the project over all planes directly. The usual workflow via various offline software tools with the associated media breaks in the communication of the planning teams is completely eliminated. The connection of mechanical 3D constructions with electrical engineering and fluid realized with Espace® allows the assembly and instrumentation of virtual models in derivation from the circuit diagram in real sizes. Preliminary planning without shifting data is also possible for subsequent adjustment.

Espace® does not require the knowledge of a standard 3D mechanical CAD design package and should not replace the CAD design. The integrated car router for cabinet wiring works fully according to the Street-Mesh process. The concept ensures filling safety and collision-free cable routing. The autogenerated cables can be processed by a line designer. Espace® generates documentation, production and production data as well as data transfers to CNC and cable assembly systems in highly automated form. Validation and cost control are already taking place in advance and do not require the construction of a physical prototype. The ESplan® and Espace® platform concept allows for a step-by-step, harmonized entry without having a major impact on the company’s workflow.


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