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Die The success Story ESplan®: 1980 – 2018


The Bannert family establishes the basis for today´s company in the field of entertainment electronics, as the representative of Sony-Wega-Service.


follow the works for JVC, ATARI and Salora. Mr. Bannert develops a PPS system for NCR hardware to solve internal, logistical problems. This PPS product will later be marketed as Caddy-PPS, ELPRO-PPS, ECV-PPS, Project III and is marketed by the following OEM contract partners: DAT AG, Ziegler Instruments, Emexco, Si-tronik and others to Siemens AG, HP, SE-Panafakum-Televideo, Compaq, Microsoft, Calcomp, Man and Machine, ComputerVision, Brother, NCR and Nixdorf.


The company decides to co-distribute the following third-party software products: AUTOCAD® by Autodesk, ELTIME® by HOS, Personaldesigner 3D-CAD by ComputerVision


Mr. Bannert begins to develop his own CAE / CAD system fort he Department of Electrical Engineering. The market and customer experience acquired up to that point should lead to this system concept. The system architecture relies on ist own developed CAD core. The CAE area of the system is intended to provide the user with database-supported online functionality. The development of this application is done in “C“, later in “Visual C ++“. The whole system is based on ist own development.


The first DOS version from this development is marketed under the product name ESP-90 from January 1990 onwards.


Mr. Bannert gives the starting shot to develop a completely new CAE system technology compatible with the existing ESP-System under the 32-bit Windows system platform.


With ESP32WIN we are able to achieve a groundbreaking new development, which will be presented at the Dortmund trade fair. ESP32WIN is the first pure 32-bit CAE / CAD Windows system, which requires no generation and evaluation runs as a real-time solution. (technically implemented by multi-threading).

2000 – 2005

During this period, the detail functionality of ESplan’s circuit diagram editor is being developed. The development of its own CNC module in ESplan starts in 2003. In line with the further development of the MS system world and thus the introduction of the 64-bit generation, the product name of ESP32WIN is changed to ESplan.


By expanding the company´s R & D department, the development of a 3D-Electro-Mechanical module can be started. (Espace)


ESplan as an innovation locomotive offers a comprehensive Electrical Engineering / Electromechanical -3D/2D-CAE-System family, which makes it possible to generate production data from the circuit diagram documentation via 3D electromechanics, prototyping with cable routing and to output it in standard formats for further processing. ESplan and Espace form the first integrated 2D/3D Tool from a manuvacturer without the help of external CAD-Cores as a complete mechatronics solution. The ESplan-CNC-Module in combination with ist own electrics (track control and motor drive electronics) currently allows 2.5D drawings tob e converted directly into motorized driving functions. (4 axes interpolating)


ESplan ist he first CAE System tob e launched simultaneously with the introduction of Microsoft® Vista® under a new operating system with 32 and 64-Bit technology. First contacts and presentation in China


ESplan conquers the world: according to existing installations in almost every Europea country, ESplan is deployed in the USA, China and Australia.


ESplan wächst mit seinen weltweit operierenden Kunden, die ersten Installationen in Dubai sind im Einsatz, Südamerika mit Mexico und Brasilien folgen unmittelbar. Weiterer global tätiger Konzern als führender Hersteller in der Fabrikautomation und internationaler Marktführer in der Prozessautomation erklären ESplan zum weltweiten Planungsstandard. Das interne Entwicklungtoolkit Eautomator wächst mit neuen Projekten individueller Softwareentwicklung zur durchgängigen, ganzheitlichen Planung gewerkeübergreifenden Engineerings. ESplan nutzt mit Version 14.8.42 die volle Leistung von Mehrkernprozessor gesteuerter Hardware.


Espace: neue Algorithmen finden Einsatz in Routingprozessen. ESplan: Fertigstellung des LifeCycle-Revisionsmanagement nach EN 15016. Problemlose Anpassung der Programme an die Beta Version von neuem Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows 7 ESplan R15: Zum Jahresende erfolgt die Auslieferung der neuen Version ESplan R15. Mit einer neuen graphischen Benutzeroberfläche unter modernstem Design erscheint ESplan mit erweiterten Funktionalitäten in MS “Look and Feel” Manier.


Unsere Niederlassung in den vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. In Morgan Hill Californien befindet sich unsere USA-Niederlassung als erste Anlaufstelle unserer amerikanischen Kunden.


From ESP becomes ESplan GmbH … Now is the name “program”, otherwise does not change! As of 28.10.2015, our company will operate under the name “ESplan GmbH“.


ESplan 3D Rapid – FDM filament printing! To complement and round off our product line ESplan® & Espace®, we decided to include 3D printer systems in our portfolio after an extensive test phase.


3D printing system “Made in Germany”! Development and production of a new 3D printer system from ESplan GmbH.



The company is 100% owned by the Bannert family.

and today...

ESplan® is the No. 1 for product configuration and automation!