As a traditional family business, ESplan GmbH (formerly ESP CAD / CAE Vertriebs GmbH) has more than 30 years of know-how. We are an independent, competitive and competent system house. The focus of the company is on analysis, consulting, development, training and support as well as the sale of own CAD / CAE products.

We serve our customers with form-fitting solutions from the licensing business of individual products to extensive development projects. We can refer to references of different company sizes and CAE project sizes. Focusing on our core business, we are developing the software solutions for ESplan®, Espace® and PAD – Process Automation Designer on the most modern platforms and current operating systems. We market exclusively proprietary developments

Based in Langenfeld in the Rhineland, we are part of the real core of the computer-aided engineering sector for electreotechnical planning. Many innovative ideas lead us back as a source. In the mid-eighties, we were firmly convinced that software for the planning and production of industrial, plant engineering documentation with a pure grid-oriented application was not sufficient, and a CAD core was required. We turned it around. The first proff of this correct consideration was the move with the product at that time still referred to as ESP 90 at a large Leverkusen chemical company. A courageous step led us to success: no competitor was able to construct the company logo independently as a Symbol.

The basic concept, the R & I scheme and the detailed engineering of complex systems and machines for measuring, control, hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical engineering have been a major factor in the development oft he CAD system is not a problem and is made possible with only one program.

Even today, the heart of the Langenfeld developer proposes innovative technologies and solutions. The philosophy of reaching the goal via the shortest route in an optimal time is valid both fort he structure and hierarchy oft he company as well as for the products. We have always proved our competitve edge with a nose lenght. With a conceptual conceptualization of mechatronically sonsistent planning processes, we already generated discussions with our customers at the end of the 90s. As a pionner, we also thought about this as a pioneer and tried to explain out opinion about the development of growing departmens of mechanics and electrical engineering. Our today´s 3D mechatronics tool Espace® is the only one in the market of electrical CAD / CAE manufacturers, an absolute self-development and completely through the CAE platform. Parallel to the advancement of hardware and new operating systems, which have become more and more powerful, now supported by multi-core processors, we have always maintained our technical lead.


Multithread-Technologie, the process of parallel rather than serial processes and thus no generation runs for evaluations, was introduced in 1996 with the introduction of ESP32Win under Windows – and is still today a unique feature of our ESplan® product line. We first introduced a CAE system with a 32-bit architecture, the first 64-bit version in 2006. We are convinced that keeping a modern and successful system house competitive with a flat hierarchy and a responsible team. In a manageable and powerful, but above all competent Team.


What counts is foresight, realism, speed and flexibility. Therefore, profound knowledge in the development at the core of the product is absolutely necessary in practice. Also the quantity of developers is not decisive for the quality and performance of the software, but a committed team with conviction, impact, heart blood and direct communication among themselves – without loss of friction. In our industry, the size and the appearance are not the only ones. This rigorous approach ensures that we deal only with what we understand. A flexible and open ESplan® allows to be integrated into EDM, ERP, PDM, PLM, PPS and other software solutions via intelligent connections, to existing CAx, PLC and business programs.


To complete and round off our product line ESplan® / Espace®, we decided after an extensive test phase to develop our own 3D printer system (JBn P1) and to include it in our portfolio. Especially for this a test laboratory was set up in our business premises. As a special feature, we offer a package on sale, which begins with the consultation and consists of hardware, software, training and support. Let’s put it this way, we try to make the Easy Print in the FMD area possible in which a large part of the multi-layered problems of 3D printing was solved in advance and thus eliminated for you.