ESplan® CAE – Electrical Engineering

Software for the documentation production of circuit diagrams, control diagrams, fluid and process engineering. In automated functions, material requirements, production and production data are determined…

With the CAE / CAD software solution  ESplan® you efficiently plan and create the technical documentation of industrial switchgear and control systems. The powerful, conceptually developed software program allows the integrated and comprehensive electrical engineering in the field of process engineering, fluid, EMSR, switch & control technology and mechatronics.

The goal of high savings by optimizing workflows from planning to production requires special performance features. The concept idea of ESplan® is to ensure efficient performance with an open and technically versatile system, both planning in individual workstations as well as implemented in large global system structures. This combination, which also fulfills the requirements of the thorough planning of all specialist areas, requires special highlights and unique features. The optimized workflow results in considerable savings thanks to fast and efficient workflows.


Through is project manager, ESplan® offers the possibility to create and manage a holistic project structure for different departments. The revision management, which is designed to meet the most stringent requirements, covers the entire product lifecycle and, if necessary, allows comparisons between old and new. The maintenance and administration of the projects is therefore possible. ESplan® is thus the central planning platform.

The use of  ESplan® and Espace®, the 3D cable- and line-routers & mechatronics modeller software, represents the optimum of the power output up to the digital prototype. In a highly automated form, documentation, production and production data as well as data transfers to CNC and cable assembly systems are generated. Validations and cost control are thus already in place and save the construction of a physical prototype

ESplan® is a CAE and CAD program at the same time. Combined with a standard 2.5D core and optional 3D graphics, ESplan® uses a CAE process combination. The object idea connects the graphics and the database object-oriented. By means of parallel rather than serial work processes (Multithreads) in “Realtime“, standard generation runs are optimized for evaluations. Terminal plan & Co. Are not to be created separately for ESplan® , but are ready immediately.

Intelligent objects allow inheritance for copies of symbols, macros, entire pages, or projects. Automatic cross-references and test routines ensure the logical contexts of the control processes. The cross-project navigation provides information about the use of the components at any time and allows the immediate page change to connected pages of the planning and forms. Freely configurable, cross-sectional project structures with the possibility of controlled object linking into higher-level areas. Electrical engineering can be structured according to plant, location, field and device position. Intelligent macro function modules with interfaces (automatic module linking).

Reverse – Engineering in ESplan® allows for any changes at any point in the plan, with a real-time update of all remaining connected data and drawing pages. Whether in forms, the database or the icon, all references and cross-refernces are data-consistent. Automatic article data matching in the project and in resources depending on the connected data source SAP.

For easy operation, ESplan® supports the user with the pass-over functionality. While moving with the mouse pointer over a CAE graphic object on the screen, the system displays associated commands and functions via the right mouse button. Modules and symbols are recognized automatically and can be edited quickly with the approprate system functions. With standards such as ADO, ODBC, Office Interface, a programmable log scripts language and other functional processes,  ESplan® is capable of communication in an existing system environment and externally controllable. The integration into networks and workflows of ERP, CRM, PDM / PLM etc. is simple and cost-effective.

ESplan® is multilingual. The foreign language module translates projects from different languages. Global requirements are provided by the unicode-capable solution also in Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic or further character sets (> 110 basic Windows TrueTypeFont character sets). Data exchange with other CAD systems is ensured by the worldwide standard DWG / DXF. With the management of layers, the recognition of blocks (also block in block), the Unicode capability of different fonts such as TTF and SHX and many other features, the import / export of CAD data is a real pleasure.


ESplan® Application area:

A comprehensive platform in the areas of process engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, mechanics, mechatronics, hydraulics and pneumatics. Diagrams in the process planing, flow charts, R & I, P & ID, function plans, data transfers (instrumentation data with software) can be transferred to symbol containers for subsequent use. Functional group are the links between process and process chain, linking with E, M, fluid and mechatronics are standard. Plant engineering structures with device and operating data are available for semi-automatic or fully automated further use.


ESplan® System technology:

ESplan® and Espace® use the MultiThread technology (parallelized function processes). This means that all subsequent serial generation and evaluation runs are not required during planning. The object model of ESplan® and Espace® also offers a multi-dimensonal Plandate processing functionality in the drawing, database and form-level, which we also call reverse engineering. Object-oriented ESplan® CAE 64 bit kernel. MultiThread Technology for current flow planning with well-known evaluations.


ESplan® Project management:

Through is project manager, ESplan® offers the possibility to create and manage a holistic project structure for various specialist areas. ESplan® is thus the central planning platform. With the standard product ESplan® and Espace® documentation, production and production data as well as their data transfers to CNC and cable assembly seystems can be generated and used in highly automated.


ESplan® Mechanic:

The core system of ESplan® is a 2,5D AutoCAD© similar CAD core with interface to AutoCAD© data format DWG / DXF in / out. It allows parametric constructions in selectable units and scales. The dimensioning system works associatively and layer techniques are fully supported. The coordinate system supports freely selectable project sheet sizes. In data import via DWG, layers, blocks, fonts and atrributes are recognized and managed. AutoCAD© Imports are managed in Model Paperspace mode. AutoCAD© 3D Files can be loaded with different camera viewing views. The DWG data export is UNICODE, so the exported plan can also be displayed in non-Latin languages.


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