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“The easy way to change your system” can be found here, based on important and comprehensible facts that answer your questions. The steps to successful automation in the field of Electrical Engineering:

What is the added value of the company? When am I or is the company productive again?


The following points are important for successful automation in the field of electrical engineering.

  Stock data
  Time required

ESplan® Resources:


The different CAE systems have very different ways to create and manage their resources. For optimal utilization of the capabilities of ESplan® & Espace®, it is advisable to re-create the resources with ESplan®. This ensures that the full potential is used. In the case of a data transfer, the smallest commonality is generally assumed. Detailed queries such as grid, pin spacing, symbol size and content are decisive for the success or the greatest possible added value.


ESplan® Stock data:


The CAE systems offer, as is generally known, no uniform and neutral interface. Thus, intelligent data exchange with “living” projects is not possible. The integrated 2D CAD core in the ESplan® and the 3D CAD core in Espace® makes it possible to transfer the 2D drawings in the DWG format and the 3D data for the commercially available 3D systems in the native format. This allows quick small changes in the 2D drawing. For larger changes, a trace with CAE intelligence would be recommended. Intelligent repeat parts, such as symbols and macros, are used for tracking.

ESplan® Education:


By participating in our seminars, you get the fastest and most economical benefits with our products ESplan® & Espace®. On the basis of our experience in training, you can work out your knowledge efficiently and quickly through us. Two basic training courses are planned for a quick start. More information about seminars can be found here


ESplan® Return on Invest:


The following points are relevant for an ROI view.

  Start of productivity
  Investment for ESplan® & Espace®
  Savings & Turnover Potential
  Added value

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