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ESplan® VXpro as a starter package is the ideal limited solution for a low-cost-start into the professional world of high-end solutions in the electrical CAE / CAD segment. Designed projects are upward compatible to all other ESplan versions. An upgrade to higher versions is possible at any time without problems.

ESplan® VXpro is an easy-to-learn software for designing circuit – and control diagrams in electrical and fluid.  Automated functions determine the material needs and manufacturing- and production- data.

With the CAE/CAD software ESplan® you can efficiently create technical documentation of industrial switchgear and control systems.

Included are symbol libraries in the electrical and building services (about 2000 symbols). The free symbol and macro designing of your own libraries is easy and fast possible. It is possible to connect to any ODBC- capable manufacturer’s database.

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With the CAE/CAD software ESplan®you can efficiently create technical documentation of industrial switchgear and control systems.

This powerful and practice-orientated software program allows the holistic and comprehensive electrical engineering in the process engineering, fluid, switchgear, control engineering and mechatronics.

The goal of highest cost-savings by optimizing the workflow from the designing up to production, requires specific performance characteristics.

The conceptional idea of the ESplan is to ensure efficient performance with an open and technically versatile system for the planning at a single workstation as well as implementation in global system structures.

ESplan® VXpro is a CAE and CAD program at the same time. The object orientated thought connects the graphics and the database object. Through parallel instead of serial threads (multi threads) in real-time, usual generation runs are optimized. In ESplan terminal diagrams & Co. are ready instantaneously and not created in a separate step.

For the easy usage ESplan supports the user with the Pass-Over function. Whilst moving the mouse over the screen, the system selects in a tool tip window the according commands of the right mouse button. Attachment units and symbols are recognized automatically and can be edited quickly by using the correct system functions.

Global requirements are served by the Unicode capable solution. It is possible to use Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic and other character fonts.

CAD data exchange is guaranteed by the worldwide standard DWG/ DXF.  

With the identification of blocks (also “block in block”), the Unicode capability of different fonts like TTF and SHX and much more features, the import and export of CAD data becomes a real pleasure.

ESplan® VXpro evaluates all circuit diagram data in real time. In automated, parallel processes these information are determined without generation runs (“multithreading”). Including:

  • Drawing frame data
  • Project index
  • Device index
  • Terminal diagrams
  • Sums- and parts- lists
  • Cable plans
  • Cable lists
  • Coil-, cross reference and layout controls
  • all cross reference functions

ESplan® VXpro offers extensive project functions and possibilities in symbol- and  macro libraries :

  • Project forwarding via email directly
  • device box function

ESplan® VXpro is also a 2D system. It allows:

  • a great deal of drawing functions
  • design freely with open scales and units
  • dimensioning function (architecture / machinery construction)
  • pages sizes are free definable
  • DXF- import/ export
  • picture file import
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